Use your own shipping companybuy only service

You can also use your own shipping company in China and we only provide the buying service

Note: we don't provide invoice or document for international shipping As international shipping is not handled by us in this case

There are 2 ways to do that:

WAY A. Ship directly from seller to your own shipping company

You need to add your shipping company's address in the note column of every product in your shopping cart

Advantage: Save local shipping cost compare to WAY B

Disadvantage: Seller cannot mark your custom label on the parcel, if your shipping company fail to identify or lose your parcel, you bear all the risk

Use your own shipping company

WAY B. Act as normal order; After all products arrive at our warehouse->Submit to ship to your own shipping company in China

Note: If you need packing list, we will charge 10 - 100CNY. If you need special packaging such as Air column bag, Woven bag outside, we will charge 10CNY/carton

Advantage: We can combine and repackage your product and mark the necessary label so your shipping company can identify your parcel

Disadvantage: Need local shipping cost from our warehouse to your shipping company.
As our warehouse handling cost is also inlcuded in local shipping cost.
It will be a little expensive than normal. Check the shipping rate here

Use your own shipping company
Use own shipping agent procedure