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Why use an aliexpress agent?

1. Good for dropshipping as the logo or business card from aliexpress seller will be removed. Even possible for you to add your own logo or business card
2. Good for combining lots of parcels in China and shipout in one big parcel
3. Remind: Using an aliexpress agent in most case won't be cheaper than you buy it directly yourself in aliexpress

Guide for using our website to buy in aliexpress

1. Go to to choose a product and copy its URL
Buy aliexpress guide1

2. Login to USER CENTER and paste the URL link to the form
Buy aliexpress guide2

3. Choose option for aliexpress product in our page
Buy aliexpress guide3

4. For the product in shopping cart or others status, you can chat with buyer about this product now or in the future
Buy aliexpress guide5

5. Submit products to an order and check out and pay the products cost and commission with your balance, then we will start to buy products in this order
Buy aliexpress guide4