Business trip to ChinaSo easy

Business trip/travel to China service
1. Pick you up from airport/hotel, drive to anywhere as you want.
2. Arrange hotel if you need.
3. Visit factory together with you, negotiate with the factory on your behalf.
4. Go with you to wholesale market to source product in China, such as Zhongda fabric wholesale market.
5. Go with you to tourist attraction/scenic spot in China.
6. Translation. I myself is quite good in English writing and reading, but not good at spoken and listening English. Usually is enough with the help of phone. If you require, a professional translator(can be other language) can be hired with extra cost!
7. Exchange CNY cash. You can use USD/EUR/GBP cash to exchange CNY cash for daily expenses. You can change lovbuy wallet balance to CNY cash too.

I am your driver, your friend, your partner, your translator.

Our Advantage for business trip/travel to China service
1. I have worked as sourcing and purchasing agent for more than 10 years. I am familiar with how to deal with factory and wholesaler.
2. has been running for more than 7 years. You are safe with us.

Fee for business trip/travel to China
1. Working salary : 1000CNY/day(~150USD/day), inlcude car hiring and driving. MIN charge unit: 0.5 day. Usually a day is 8 hours, from the time I leave office and pick you up to I go back and arrive at home.
2. Normal translator(myself): Free, Proferssional translator: About extra 800CNY/day(~130USD/day).
3. Exchange CNY cash: 3% service fee and use lovbuy system exchange rate. Free of service fee for the first time and <=2000 CNY.
4. Others fee that I pay for you during trip. Such as highway toll fees, parking fee, lunch/dinner, hotel.
5. Fee default will be reduced from your lovbuy wallet balance.

How to use business trip/travel to China service?
Tell me your plan , any special requirement -> Then I will reply and confirm with you and add your skype or wechat for instant messaging.
Contact me at email:
OR contact me at lovbuy user center->My account(top right)->Ticket

Suggestion and limitation
1. We are located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong provice. We are not able to drive too far. Usually < 400km within Guangdong provice.
2. Suggest fly to "Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport" which is the closest airport from me.

My photo
A workmate/friend may come with me if the car still have place.
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