DC-DC buck power supply module 6.5v12V ~ 40V to 5V + car voltage meter USB charging mobile phone

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Module performance and highlights:


Two5V/2AOutput current capability (input voltage)6.5~40VStable output5.0VVoltage)

Three一键("output使能"Key)开关USBOutput. A key ("low power" button) into the ultra-low power consumption




7.USBPower indicator light

EightWith terminal block


Module description:

When the module is powered up, the voltage can be detected in real timeIpad.MP3When the digital product is chargedUSBThe power indicator light is onUSBoutput5.0VVoltage, when you need to turn off the digital tube. Touch the "low power" button. The module is in the ultra low power standby modeUSBThe output is also off

Module purpose:

Ultra wide input voltage/A storage battery car/Used for monitoring battery voltage and battery status in time. It can be used for various voltage measurement purposes

5.0V.2AThe output current capabilityUSBEquipment. The voltage is very stable

注:本模块默认D+ D-It is compatible with the majority of mobile phone charging and set aside a variety of mobile phone identification resistance installation location. If you need to join the identification of resistanceD+ D-Cut off the wire

Resistance: 0805 package 1% accuracy

49.9K*2Identification 499Two

75K*1 Identification 750Two

43K*1 Identification 430Two

Note: the Iphone D+ is connected to 75K D- via 43K (Figure). Compatible with the D+ D- short connection

IPAD D+43K D- road access 75K (D+D- exchange)

Module size: long58mmwide21mmhigh10mm

Two wire system voltage meterSelf calibration method:

One在车载电压表正常工作状态时.长按"output使能"KeyTwoAfter Two seconds, the voltmeter flashes,

Two轻触"output使能"Key. Voltage rises in one unit"low power consumption"The key. The voltage is reduced to a unit, because the voltage value of a unit is less than0.1VSo you need to connect

Continuous press
1-5Time to see the voltmeter changes0.1VThe specific number of consecutive keys depends on the current display voltage value. The higher the current display voltage,


Note: this kind of adjustment method you only need to be calibrated once can get the accurate voltage value in the entire voltage range. This function is designed to meet your higher accuracy requirements