mp3无损解码板 mp3解码器 TF卡 U盘 MP3解码播放器模块 自带功放

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Price: $2.01 USD

Module highlights:

-Super quality板载2Wmonobloc(5VPower up to3WDirectly connect the speaker (suggested collocation)FourΩ3WHorn)3.5mmGold-platedHeadsetSocketCan be connected to headphones or external audio

-HaveMicroUSBPower interfaceThrough手机数据线使用移动电源perhapsUSBCharger power supply3.7VLithium batteryUSB5VPower supply

-SupportTF(cell phone storage card)UPlay mode

-With speaker terminals without welding

-Module design is easy to refit

Product overview:

1)SupportMP3Format. Auto play on powerPlay redLED指示灯更新.

2)SupportUDisc (tested)32G).TFCard (tested)16GPlayback mode, power on defaultTFCard modeTFCard does not exist automatically jump toUDisk modeAndTwo devices are installed.Can manually set the playback mode. For more details, please see the key operation instructions

3)按键可调节上下曲目切换.音量+-Pause/Play mode switch. For more details, please see the key operation instructions

4)可按键设置"单曲/Full song "cycle. Power on default full circle"Repeat"Key replacement cycle mode

Key operating instructions

"Prev/V--"Key:" press "switch" to "song""

"Next/v++"Key:" press "switch" for the next song"

"P/P/Mode"键:"短按"为"播放/Pause switchUDisc.TFCard mode selection

"Repeat"键:"短按".为"单曲/Full song "cycle switch (no long press function)

注意:1.Long press time2S

2.若使用UDisk mode5VPower supplyUDisk not supported3.7VPower supply

Product parameters:

Product name:Mp3 lossless decoding board(supportTF Card/USB drive)

Power supply range:3.7~5.5V

Product size:Forty-five point seven twoMm*35.1Fourmm*12.0mm(length x width x high)

Color: BlueProduct weight: 11.3g (including packaging)

Packaging: single module electrostatic bag packaging material: FRFour+ electronic device