AC-04 AC Power Socket Digital Socket Three-pin Power Socket 10A / 250V

Supplier ID: 71752789

Price: $0.17 USD

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AC-05AC power socket15A/250VACA large power socketProduct socket
AC-04AC power socketProduct socketA large rectangular power socket10A/250V
AC-05AC power socketProduct socketA large power socketFlat foot10A/250V
AC-04AC power socketProduct socketLarge power socketFlat foot with ear15A/250V
AC-06AC power socketProduct fontA power socketWith ear10A/250V
AC-06AC power socketProduct fontA power socketSeat belt10A/250V
AC-02CopperAC power socketThree core fuse socketWith bayonet15A/250V
AC-03AC power socketSocket with fuseWith fixedAll copper feet15A/250V
AC-01AC power socketSwitch lampWith fuseholders10A/250V
AC-01AC power socketSwitch lampWith fuseholdersWith ear15A/250V