DC-DC Boost Module 0.9V-5V Plus 5V Green 600MA Booster USB Mobile Power

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Product introduction:

Input voltage: 1V-5V

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 500mA

PCB size: 17.55mm*25.22mm* high 5.85mm (excluding USB height)

Block size: 17.55*32.53mm* high 8.3mm (including USB height)

Product features:

1 arbitrary input 0.9V-5V DC voltage. 5V can output stable DC voltage. With the current two AA batteries can be input and output 500-600MA. Single AA battery powered 200mA output. For mobile phone camera.. SCM. Digital products supply.

2 with USB mother seat

3 high conversion efficiency up to 96%

4 ultra small size. Installed in a variety of small equipment

5 working indicator light

Use scope:

1.DIY Mobile power: when you are on a business trip or travel always feel that your cell phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP is not enough electricity, and you have extra battery, You can consider yourself a DIY mobile power; as long as the choice of this module with your [a lithium battery or 2-3 Ni MH power] can output 5V voltage for your mobile phone.MP3.MP4. PDA, PSP charging. Very simple and convenient oh

2 adjust the voltage: if you need different voltage when the product design, the equipment needs 5V power supply, it will be your best choice to use this module

3 regulated power supply: when your power is very unstable, high and low, but when your device requires 5V power supply, it will be your best choice to use this module