1 / 4W carbon film resistors commonly used resistance 43 kinds of each 20 components package

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This shop for a variety of packages containing. You can think of all the current parts package. Although less packaging. But things fine. Each package is a store employee manual labor is made. The results of our hard work. Although there are individual flaws. But we will have to add send the number to ensure the products worth. Never cut corners. The price is absolutely first-class quality. As long as you feel not up to your requirements. Can be returned at any time. The shop's not trustworthy! Just buy good please give praise!

43 of the most commonly used resistance. Each of the 20. A total of 860!

1Ω.10Ω.20Ω.22Ω.33Ω.47Ω.51Ω.68Ω.75Ω.82Ω.91Ω. \





Each row is 20. Have stated the resistance. Very clear. Absolutely not chaos. And cut out of the scattered to the Commissioner to take out. Each row is close to perfect

There will be a few out of stock. It will take a similar replacement. But there are few such cases!