Blue and white adjustable resistance horizontal 103 10K potentiometer (10)

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101100 Europe 201200 Europe 501500 Europe 102 1K 202 2K 502 5K 103 10K
203 20K 503 50K 104 100K 204 200K 504 500K 105 1M


The classification of a variety of potentiometers. The following is a convenient access to various types of potentiometers:

Blue and white adjustable series (minimum size, most commonly used)3296 precision adjustable series3386 precision adjustable series 3362 precision adjustable series

3590S multi turn potentiometer series (slightly larger size)148 potentiometer (diameter 16MM) Sealed type 09 potentiometer

Dial potentiometer (also known as gear potentiometer)Patch 3*3 series (ultra small)High power 2W WTH118 series

High power 3W RV24YN series (high block)Multi turn potentiometer 2W WXD3-13 Mouse encoder series