2a boost plate DC-DC boost module Wide voltage input 2 / 24V l 5/9/12 / 28V adjustable 2577

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Module highlights:

The whole networkMinimum volumeAdjustable boost moduleCan be easily installed in a variety of small equipment inside

Can useMicroUSBinputWith USB chargerOr mobile power can easily get through the phone data cable9V.12V.1FiveV.18V.24V coMmon voltage. Very convenient to use

Ultra wide input and output voltage. High conversion efficiency

Module characteristics

1) maximum output current: 2A (recoMmended for use in 1A)

2) input voltage: 2V-24V

3)最大输出电压:>28vAdvice on26V use)

4)效率:>93%Efficiency is related to the pressure difference between input and output

FiveSize:30mm*17Mm*14Mm(long* width * height)

Matters needing attention

1)This module is the boost module. The output voltage is greater than the input voltage

2)Peak current output current does not exceed 2A